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Subsquid Network is a distributed query engine and data lake that the Subsquid ecosystem is built around.

Currently it serves historical blockchain data for 80+ networks. Compared to data access using a conventional chain node RPC, Subsquid Network allows one to access data at near zero cost, in a more granular fashion and from multiple blocks at once, thanks to its rich batching and filtering capabilities.

There are currently two independent instances of Subsquid Network:

  1. A decentralized permissionless network (testnet)

  2. A permissioned network run by Subsquid Labs GmbH, formerly known as Subsquid Archives. It's been used by 400+ indexers in production.

Both variants are freely accessible to public using the same API.

If you are a network developer and would like to see your chain supported by Subsquid, please fill a form or contact us in SquidDevs Telegram chat.

Permissionless public network

The decentralized version of Subsquid Network is currently a testnet. It serves data for a (growing) subset of networks supported by the private cluster. Each request is routed to the network node responsible for the appropriate subset of data via a local p2p gateway.

You can read more about the testnet here.

Open private network

Subsquid's private data lake (formerly known as Archives) is a production-ready fork of early Subsquid Network that runs on Subsquid infrastructure. It provides a stand-in for the permissionless Subsquid Network until it matures; its API is identical to that of p2p gateways of the public network.

The gateway of this private network is public and free to query. URLs of gateways of supported networks are available via sqd gateways ls and on the Subsquid Network reference pages.

List all supported networks:

sqd gateways ls -t evm

Usage in squids within EvmBatchProcessor configuration:

const processor = new EvmBatchProcessor()

See the EVM gateways page.