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External tools


@belopash/typeorm-store is a fork of @subsquid/typeorm-store that automates collecting read and write database requests into batches and caches the available entity records in RAM. Unlike the standard typeorm-store, @belopash's store is intended to be used with declarative code: it makes it easy to write mapping functions (e.g. event handlers) that explicitly define

  • what data you're going to need from the database
  • what code has to be executed once the data is available
  • how to save the results

Data dependencies due to entity relations are handled automatically, along with the caching of intermediate resultsg and in-memory batching of database requests.

See this repository for a minimal example.


DipDup is a Python indexing framework that can use Subsquid Network as a data source. It offers

  • SQLite, PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB data sinks
  • GraphQL APIs based on Hasura

Development workflow uses the dipdup tool to generate a stub project. Once done with that, all you have to do is to define the data schema and the handlers. Take a look at their quickstart for more details.

With its handler-based architecture and the choice of Python as the transform logic language, DipDup is easier to develop for than Squid SDK, but has higher requirements on database IO bandwith and CPU. The IO bandwidth issue is partially solved by DipDup's caching layer used for database access.