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Subsquid Testnet App Rules & Motivation

Introduction: Welcome to the initial phase of the Subsquid testnet. As we embark on this journey, it's essential to understand that this is a testing phase. There might be occasional downtimes or outages. These challenges are crucial for us, as they will guide our efforts to strengthen the decentralized network, ensuring its robustness and resilience.

Our Motivation:

  1. Reliability Assessment: We aim to evaluate the reliability and resilience of the Subsquid network, especially under significant load.
  2. Cybersecurity Evaluation: It's crucial to test the Subsquid network's resilience against potential cybersecurity threats.
  3. Community Engagement: We want to recognize our most active and loyal testnet participants.
  4. Developer Collaboration: This testnet will help us identify highly engaged developers, opening doors for potential future collaborations.

Participation Rules: To be a part of this testnet, participants need to link their Metamask wallet. This step is crucial as the goal is to accumulate the highest amount of tSQD. Please note, once a wallet is linked, it's final; switching to another wallet won't be possible. As participants complete quests, tSQD will be credited to their accounts.

Types of Quests:

  1. Social Quests:
    • These quests revolve around social media activities. Examples include linking accounts from platforms like Twitter, Discord, and GitHub.
    • Stay alert! New quests will be introduced throughout the test period. Regularly visit the quest page to stay updated.
  2. Tech Quests:
    • Tech quests involve deploying squids on local machines and generating a specific number of queries directed at the Subsquid testnet.
    • Follow the provided instructions and monitor your query progress directly on the quest page.
  3. Special Quests:
    • These quests are for those with a deep understanding of blockchain indexing.
    • To attempt these quests, select the corresponding cards on the quest page and follow the instructions. Completing special quests will grant participants a higher amount of tSQD.

Join us in this exciting phase, contribute to the network's growth, and earn rewards for your efforts!