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On the FireSquid release

Previous major release of Subsquid was called FireSquid. It featured GraphQL-based archives (EVM, Substrate) that were replaced by Subsquid Network. Interfaces for data requests on the SDK side were changed without keeping backwards compatibility.

Actions are needed if:

  1. You're relying on a squid that's using an older SDK version. One way to know that is to look at the signatures of the data requesting methods (.addEvent(), .addLog() etc): if call signatures are different from what you see in the docs (EVM, Substrate), then you need to migrate to the modern ArrowSquid SDK.

  2. You're relying on a GraphQL API of an older archive. Your options are:

    • To rely on Subsquid Network instead. See its reference documentation for info on available datasets and the API used to access them.
    • To fork an older archive setup and maintain it yourself. For EVM you can just fork the repo. If you would like to do the same for the Substrate archives, that'd require pulling some old code out of the repos' history. Ping us in the SquidDevs TG chat.