Introducing Subsquid, an on-chain data indexing framework and a platform for serverless Web3 APIs.
This documentation provides information for all degrees of expertise, varying from complete beginner, to those who only need a refresher on specific commands.


To jump straight into the action, get a local environment up and running, follow the Quickstart guide and start familiarizing with the SDK.

Key Concepts

To take a more a more conceptual approach, learn more about the project fundamentals, dive deeper into the modula architecture of Subsquid, head over to the Key Concepts section.

Start developing

If you are already familiar with the project and want to see an example of how to customize it for your own needs, follow the Tutorial on how to do this.

Deploy your API

Subsquid offers serverless deployments of Squid APIs free of charge.
In this Tutorial you can find out how that works.

Squid Aquarium

Aquarium is a public gallery of Squid APIs developed by community.
Visit and browse through interesting projects, and publish your own for for cool perks from Subsquid!

Migration from earlier versions

If you have an existing project and need to migrate to the latest Squid version, follow this Guide.

Bug bounties and community support

As for help or report any issues to our cozy community Dev Chat on Telegram. Also keep an eye on Github Issues labeled $ -- these bounties are up for grabs!
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