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Subsquid Network is a decentralized query engine optimized for batch extraction of large volumes of data. It currently serves historical on-chain data ingested from 100+ EVM and Substrate networks, as well as Solana (in beta), Starknet and Fuel. The data is comprehensive: for example, on EVM it includes event logs, transaction receipts, traces and per-transaction state diffs.

This documentation covers the Subsquid Network itself and the complimentary products developed by Subsquid:
  • Squid SDK - a Typescript toolkit for high-performance batch indexing sourcing the data from the Subsquid Network, without accessing an archival RPC.
  • Subsquid Cloud - a hosted service for custom indexers and GraphQL APIs.
  • Subsquid Firehose - a lightweight adapter for running subgraphs against Subsquid Network, without accessing an archival RPC node.
  • ApeWorx Subsquid plugin - use Subsquid Network as a fast data source for the ApeWorx framework.
Squid SDK indexing examples

Mine the tx data from millions of wallets

// ...
if (wallets.has(txn.from)) { /* ... */ }
if (wallets.has( { /* ... */ }

Track USDC Transfers in real time

   topic0: [],

Real time data is fetched from a chain node RPC; a Database object with hot blocks support is required to store it (see this page for more details).

Extract all Transfers to/from vitalik.eth

   topic0: [],
   topic2: [VITALIK_ETH_TOPIC],

All Transfer(address,address,uint256) will be captured, including ERC20 and ERC721 transfers and possibly events with the same signature made with other protocols.

Index the AAVE Pool tx data, decoding the event logs

   logs: true,

Including events emitted by other contracts. Get ETH value involved in each call.

Index all NFT mints

   topic0: [],
   transaction: true,

Index all DEX trading pairs and Swap events

   topic0: [PAIR_CREATED_TOPIC],
.addLog({ topic0: [SWAP_TOPIC] })

Index internal contract calls and traces

   type: ['call'],
   callTo: [BAYC_ADDRESS],
.addStateDiff({ address: [BAYC_ADDRESS] })

Call traces will expose any internal calls to BAYC by other contracts. Also retrieves all changes to contract storage state.

Mine all NFT contracts ever deployed

   type: ['create'],
.addLog({ topic0: [] })

All contract creations are scraped; they will be checked for ERC721 compliance in the batch handler. All ERC721 Transfer events are scraped so that they can be filtered and binned by the contract in the batch handler.


What is a squid?

A squid is a indexing project developed using the Squid SDK. It normally extracts the historicaln on-chain data from Subsquid Network, decodes and transforms it, and persists into a target store (such as Postgres or s3 bucket). The transformed data may be optionally served with a GraphQL API.

Why should I use Subsquid?

Indexing on-chain data is essential for building Web3 applications and analytic dashboards. Subsquid Network and the products build on top offer extremely fast and cost-efficient way to extract and index the historical data, even from lesser known chains. It reduces the data extraction and indexing costs by up to 90% compared to direct indexing using centralized RPC providers like Alchemy or Infura. Finally, by using the Subsquid Cloud, developers no longer have to care about indexing infrastructure maintenance costs and hassle.

How does Subsquid compare to The Graph?

Subsquid is modular -- the on-chain data is extracted from a decentralized data layer (Subsquid Network), rather than directly from a blockchain node. It enables up to 100x faster indexing, guaranteed data consistensy and reliable indexing even for small networks. For a detailed feature comparison, see Subsquid vs The Graph.

How much does Subsquid cost?

The Squid SDK is open source. Accessing the data from the Subsquid Network is free until the mainnet launch, and afterwards is projected to be in the range of $1-$5 for a terabyte of extracted data. The Subsquid Cloud offers a free playgroud space for developing indexers and a hosted service for production-ready indexing pipelines. The pay-as-you-go pricing only accounts for the actual compute and storage resources consumed by the indexer, see for the pricing details.

What is Subsquid Cloud?

Subsquid Cloud is a service for hosting indexers, managed by Subsquid Labs.  Subsquid's CLI provides a convenient way to  run, deploy and manage indexing projects (squids) locally and in the Cloud.

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