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Version: Firesquid

Squid CLI

Squid CLI is a command line tool for

  • scaffolding new squids from templates
  • running SDK tools and scripts defined in commands.json in a cross-platform way
  • managing squid deployments in the Aquarium hosted service

The CLI is distributed as a npm package.

To install Squid CLI, follow the steps below.

0. Install and setup Squid CLI

First, install the latest version of Subsquid CLI. The recommended way for macOS and Linux is to use Homebrew:

brew tap subsquid/cli
brew install sqd

Otherwise, install as a global npm package:

npm i -g @subsquid/cli

Check the version:

sqd --version

Make sure the output looks like @subsquid/cli@<version>.


The next steps are optional for building and running squids. A key is required to enable the CLI commands managing the Aquarium hosted service deployments.

1. Obtain an Aquarium deployment key

Sign in to Aquarium, and obtain (or refresh) the deployment key on the account page by clicking at the profile picture at the bottom:

Aquarium homepage

2. Authenticate Squid CLI

Open a terminal window and run

sqd auth -k <DEPLOYMENT_KEY>