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JSON queries

The possibility of defining JSON objects as fields of a type in a GraphQL schema has been explained in the schema reference.

This guide is focusing on how to query such objects and how to fully leverage their potential. Let's take the example of this (non-crypto related, for once😁) schema:

type Entity @entity {
id: ID!
a: A

type A {
a: String
b: B

type B {
a: A
b: String
e: Entity

It's composed of one entity and two JSON objects definitions, used in a "nested" way.

Let's now look at a simple query:

query {
entities(orderBy: id_ASC) {
a { a }

This will return a result such as this one (imagining this data exists in the database):

entities: [
{id: '1', a: {a: 'a'}},
{id: '2', a: {a: 'A'}},
{id: '3', a: {a: null}},
{id: '4', a: null}

Simply enough, the first two objects have an object of type A with some content inside, the third one has an object, but its a field is null and the fourth one simply does not have an A object at all.