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The way the Frontier EVM pallet exposes EVM logs and transaction may change due to runtime upgrades. @subsquid/frontier provides helper methods that are aware of the upgrades:

getEvmLog(event: Event): EvmLog

Extract the EVM log data from EVM.Log event.

getTransaction(call: Call): LegacyTransaction | EIP2930Transaction | EIP1559Transaction

Extract the transaction data from Ethereum.transact call with additional fields depending on the EVM transaction type.

getTransactionResult(ethereumExecuted: Event): {from: string, to: string, transactionHash: string, status: 'Succeed' | 'Error' | 'Revert' | 'Fatal', statusReason: string}

Extract transaction result from an Ethereum.Executed event.

See also the Frontier EVM guide.


const processor = new SubstrateBatchProcessor()
.addEvmLog({}) TypeormDatabase(), async ctx => {
for (const block of ctx.blocks) {
for (const event of {
if ( === 'EVM.Log') {
// no need to supply any extra data to determine
// the runtime version: event has all necessary references
const {address, data, topics} = getEvmLog(event)

// process evm log data
for (const call of block.calls) {
if ('Ethereum.transact') {
const txn = getTransaction(call)
// process evm txn data