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RPC proxy service

List of available networks and their aliases is available on the reference page.

Subsquid Cloud provides a built-in RPC proxy service. The service is available to all squids deployed to the Cloud, although playground squids only have access to a limited number of calls.

Professional organizations do not have that limitation and can access their RPC proxy endpoints from outside of the Cloud.

Enable the RPC add-on in the manifest like this:

- eth-goerli.http

Processor configuration

With the add-on successfully enabled, your squid will get a unique proxied endpoint to the requested network. Subsquid Cloud will make its URL available to the deployed squid at the RPC_${Upper(network)}_${Upper(protocol)} environment variable. Assert it to avoid compilation errors. We also recommend rate limiting RPC proxy requests on the processor side to the same rate as was used in the manifest:

import {assertNotNull} from '@subsquid/util-internal'

// dash in "eth-goerli" becomes an underscore
url: assertNotNull(process.env.RPC_ETH_GOERLI_HTTP),
rateLimit: 10

External access

Professional organizations can access their RPC proxies from outside of the Subsquid Cloud.

Among other things, this enables a development process that uses the proxy for both local and Cloud runs transparently. Here an example configuration for Ethereum Mainnet:

Here is an example configuration for Ethereum Mainnet
  1. Add the following variable to .env:

    # get the url from
  2. Enable the RPC proxy in squid.yaml:

    - eth.http

    This will add and populate the RPC_ETH_HTTP variable for Cloud deployments.

  3. Configure the processor to use the URL from from RPC_ETH_HTTP:

    import {EvmBatchProcessor} from '@subsquid/evm-processor'
    import {assertNotNull} from '@subsquid/util-internal'

    export const processor = new EvmBatchProcessor()
    // ...the rest of the processor configuration


RPC proxy requests are priced at a flat rate, with substantial packages included for free for all organization types. Pricing does not depend on the call method.