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"Secrets outdated. Please restart the squid" warning

This occurs when you have a squid deployed, then create, remove or change some secrets of relevance. Squids must be restarted manually for such changes to have effect. Navigate to the squid version page (e.g. by clicking on the warning sign) and click restart. The restart will not touch the database, so unless your new secret values cause the squid to crash this procedure should be quick and easy.

Secrets outdated

My squid is stuck in "Building", "Deploying" or "Starting" state

  • Run with SQD_DEBUG=* as explained on the Logging page
  • Update the squid CLI to the latest version with
npm update -g @subsquid/cli
  • Update the Squid SDK dependencies:
npm run update

Validation error when releasing a squid

Make sure the squid name contains only alphanumeric characters, underscores and hyphens. The squid version must be also alphanumeric. Since both the squid and version name become part of the squid API endpoint URL, slashes and dots are not accepted.

My squid ran out of disk space

Edit the postgres addon section of squid.yaml and request more space for the database.

My squid is behind the chain, but is shows that it is in sync

Check that your processor uses both a RPC endpoint as one of its data sources (in addition to a Subsquid Network gateway).