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sqd deploy

Deploy or update a squid version.

Squid name and version are taken from the provided deployment manifest.

When invoked by an account with more than one organization, this command may require specifying an organization with the -o/--org flag. The organization has to be specified when deploying a new squid, but can be omitted when deploying a new version of an existing squid.

Subsquid Cloud users with just one organization can omit this flag.

The command honors .squidignore when sending squid files to the Cloud.

sqd deploy SOURCE‚Äč

Deploy a new or update an existing squid version

$ sqd deploy [SOURCE] [-m <value>] [-u] [-r] [--no-stream-logs] [-o <value>]

SOURCE Squid source. Could be:
- a relative or absolute path to a local folder (e.g. ".")
- a URL to a .tar.gz archive
- a github URL to a git repo with a branch or commit tag

-m, --manifest=<value> [default: squid.yaml] Relative path to a squid manifest file in squid source
-o, --org=<value> Organization
-r, --hard-reset Do a hard reset before deploying. Drops and re-creates all the squid resources including the database. Will cause a short API downtime
-u, --update Do not require a confirmation if the version already exists
--no-stream-logs Do not attach and stream squid logs after the deploy

Deploy a new or update an existing squid version

$ sqd squid deploy

See code: src/commands/deploy.ts