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Version: FireSquid

sqd init

Create a squid from a template

sqd init NAME‚Äč

Create a squid from template

$ sqd init NAME

NAME The squid name. It must contain only alphanumeric or dash ("-")
symbols and must not start with "-". Squid names are globally

-d, --dir=dir
The target location for the squid. If omitted, a new folder NAME
is created.

-r, --remove
Clean up the target directory if it exists

-t, --template=template
A template for the squid.
- a github repository URL containing a valid squid.yaml manifest in
the root folder

OR one of the pre-defined aliases:
- evm A minimal squid template for indexing EVM data.
- abi A template to auto-generate a squid indexing events and txs from a contract ABI
- gravatar A sample EVM squid indexing the Gravatar smart contract
on Ethereum.
- substrate A template squid for indexing Substrate-based chains.
- frontier-evm A template for indexing Frontier EVM chains, like
Astar and Shiden.
- ink A template for indexing ink! smart contracts
- acala A template for indexing Acala EVM+ smart contracts

See code: src/commands/explorer.ts