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Version: FireSquid
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Subsquid is a full-stack blockchain indexing SDK and specialized data lakes (Archives) optimized for extraction of large volumes of historical on-chain data.

The SDK offers a highly customizable Extract-Transform-Load-Query stack and indexing speeds of up to and beyond 50,000 blocks per second when indexing events and transactions.

To put this into perspective, all 10k events in 4M blocks of Uniswap V3 Factory contract history can be indexed in about 8 minutes. For a busier Uniswap V3 Positions NFT contract with 3.1M events and function calls the indexing takes about 40 minutes.

What is a squid?

A squid is a project that extracts and transforms on-chain data in order to present it as a GraphQL API. Squids are developed using the Subsquid SDK, which provides extensive tooling to define data schemas, data transfomation rules, and the shape of the resulting API.

Why should I use Subsquid?

The latency of serving app data with a squid is much lower compared to direct node access via gRPC. This means significantly better UX for your application. The flexibility of the Subsquid SDK gives developers the full power to access and manipulate historical on-chain data and build complex and responsive dApps with familiar tools. Finally, by using the Aquarium cloud service, developers no longer have to care about indexing infrastructure maintenance costs and hassle.

How much does Subsquid cost?

The Subsquid SDK is open source, and access to public Archives maintained by Subsquid Labs is free of charge. Following our TGE and mainnet launch, the price of Archive queries will be determined by an open market. The basic plan for deploying squids to the Aquarium is free and always will be, with some premium features to be introduced in the future.

What is an Archive?

Archives ingest and store the full log of historical on-chain data in a normalized format. Designed to be data sources for squids, Archives serve on-chain data as an API that supports batching over multiple blocks.

What is Aquarium?

Aquarium is a cloud service for hosting squids. This service is managed by Subsquid Labs.  Subsquid's CLI provides a convenient way to deploy squids to the Aquarium and manage them once they are hosted.

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