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Version: FireSquid


Below are the most common deployment issues:

  • Unexpected folder structure. See the squid structure for details.
  • Docker build failures. Build a Docker images locally (see below) to troubleshoot.
  • Database migration failures. Troubleshoot by executing the DB migration locally with a locally built image (see below).
  • Outdated Squid SDK packages. Update to the latest SDK lib versions with npm run update.

Local Docker build

To make a dry run locally, create a local Dockerfile as described on the self-hosting page.

Then build an image locally with

docker build . -t my-squid

and fix the squid if necessary.

Local migration run

To test the migration scripts:

  1. Start a fresh database:
docker compose down 
docker compose up db -d
  1. Run npx squid-typeorm-migration apply with the local squid image:
docker run --rm -e DB_HOST=host.docker.internal --env-file=.env my-squid npx squid-typeorm-migration apply