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sqd run

Run a squid locally according to the deployment manifest.


  • The command is especially useful for running multichain squids, as it runs all services in the same terminal and handles failures gracefully.
  • Environment variables are read from the deployment manifest; .env file is ignored.
  • Unlike the common commands.json script sqd process, sqd run will neither build nor apply migrations automatically.
    sqd build
    sqd migration:apply
    sqd run .
    is a common sequence of commands when using sqd run in local development.

sqd run PATH‚Äč

Run a squid

$ sqd run [PATH] [-m <value>] [-f <value>] [-i <value> | -e <value>] [-r <value>]

-e, --exclude=<value>... Do not run specified services
-f, --envFile=<value> [default: .env] Relative path to an additional environment file in squid source
-i, --include=<value>... Run only specified services
-m, --manifest=<value> [default: squid.yaml] Relative path to a squid manifest file in squid source
-r, --retries=<value> [default: 5] Attepms to restart failed or stopped services

Run a squid

See code: src/commands/run.ts