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Squid CLI is a command line tool for

  • scaffolding new squids from templates
  • running SDK tools and scripts defined in commands.json in a cross-platform way
  • managing squid deployments in Subsquid Cloud (former Aquarium)

The CLI is distributed as a npm package.

To install Squid CLI, follow the steps below.

0. Install and setup Squid CLI

First, install the latest version of Subsquid CLI as a global npm package:

npm i -g @subsquid/cli@latest

Check the version:

sqd --version

Make sure the output looks like @subsquid/cli@<version>.


The next steps are optional for building and running squids. A key is required to enable the CLI commands managing the Subsquid Cloud deployments.

1. Obtain a Subsquid Cloud deployment key

Sign in to Cloud, and obtain (or refresh) the deployment key page by clicking at the profile picture > "Deployment key":

Cloud deployment key page

2. Authenticate Squid CLI

Open a terminal window and run

sqd auth -k <DEPLOYMENT_KEY>

3. Explore with --help

Use sqd --help to get a list of the available command and sqd <command> --help to get help on the available options for a specific command, e.g.

sqd deploy --help