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Version: Firesquid

Full text search

On top of other Directives implemented in OpenReader defined in the previous page, there is one that might deserve a special mention.

The @fulltext annotation can only be applied to String Scalar fields and will allow queries to search some text in the entire field.

Let's take a look at a very simple schema making use of this:

" All transfers "
type Transfer @entity @index(fields: ["block", "extrinsicId"]) {
from: Bytes! @index
to: Bytes!
fromAccount: Account
toAccount: Account
value: BigInt!
comment: String @fulltext(query: "commentSearch")
block: Int!
tip: BigInt!
timestamp: BigInt!
insertedAt: DateTime!
extrinsicId: String

type Account @entity {
"Account address"
id: ID!
balance: BigInt!
incomingTx: [Transfer!] @derivedFrom(field: "toAccount")
outgoingTx: [Transfer!] @derivedFrom(field: "fromAccount")

There are other annotations, treated in the related page, what we are interested here is the comment field of Transfer type, which will automatically generate a new query, with the named specified in the query parameter.

To see it in action, here is an example:

query {
commentSearch(text: "hello") {
item {
... on Transfer {

which, imagining there is, indeed, a Transfer entry with a comment containing the word hello, it would yield this result:

commentSearch: [{
item: {
from: '0xb0a8d493285c2df73290dfb7e61f870f17b41801197a149ca93654499ea3dafe',
to: '0xb0a8d493285c2df73290dfb7e61f870f17b41801197a149ca93654499ea3dafe',
value: 1000,
timestamp: '2020-12-24T23:59:59.999Z',
highlight: 'Hey there, <b>hello</b>! Here's some money'