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The Subsquid ecosystem is built around Subsquid Network - a decentralized query engine and a horizontally-scalable data lake for batch queries. Currently, Subsquid Network serves raw historical on-chain data from EVM- and non-EVM networks using a custom REST-like API. In the future, it will additionally support general-purpose SQL queries and an ever-growing collection of structured data sets derived from on- and off- chain data.

Subsquid Network

Subsquid Network API currently provides:

  • raw event logs
  • transaction data (with receipts)
  • execution traces (for selected networks)
  • state diffs (for selected networks)

It supports all major EVM and Substrate networks, with more in the works. Let us know if you'd like us to support some other network.

Currently there are two deployments of Subsquid Network:

  1. Production-ready private cluster running on Subsquid infrastructure (formerly known as Subsquid Archives). Access to the cluster is free and public.
  2. A decentralized permissionless network, currently a testnet.

User-facing API between these two is identical. Use it directly whenever you need historical blockchain data older than about 6-24 hours in either (1) high volume or (2) filtered form.

Example use cases for the Subsquid Network direct API
  • boost the performance of existing pipelines by replacing per-block RPC requests with batch-requests to Subsquid Network
  • non-Typescript indexers, mobile SDKs
  • high-performance data pipelines for raw historical data
  • a high-performance data source for tools like ApeWorkX, Cryo
  • ad-hoc queries over historical on-chain data, such as
    • "all transactions from a given address in a range of blocks"
    • "all events with a given topic in a range of blocks"

For real-time use cases such as app-specific APIs use Squid SDK: it'll use Subsquid Network to sync quickly, then seamlessly switch to real-time data. If you already have a subgraph indexer, you also have an option to run it against the network.

Squid SDK

Squid SDK is a powerful Typescript toolkit for building indexers on top of Subsquid Network, featuring

The SDK is a go-to choice for production solutions and prototypes of

  1. custom APIs based on data from sets of smart contracts, and
  2. low-cost, highly performant in-house data pipelines

that can work in real time setting (<1s chain latency). Take a look at the list of concrete, real-world applications for which Squid SDK was a good fit.

Subsquid Cloud

A Platform-as-a-Service for deploying Squid SDK indexers, featuring

What's next?