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Listing the available datasets

Use the squid-archive-registry executable to list the datasets for supported networks:

$ npx squid-archive-registry --help
Usage: run [options]

Display list of available archives

-t --type <type> Network type (choices: "evm", "substrate")
-r --release <string> Release name (choices: "FireSquid", "ArrowSquid")
-h, --help display help for command

You can use it without installing the package:

npx --yes -p @subsquid/archive-registry squid-archive-registry -t evm

Lookup a network gateway

@subsquid/archive-registry provides a function lookupArchive(alias, opts?) to locate main URLs of datasets stored in the open private network. alias is a network alias (see supported network pages for EVM and Substrate) and opts is an optional config to disambiguate:

interface LookupOptions {
type?: 'Substrate' | 'EVM'
genesis?: string // Network genesis hex string (must start with "0x...")
release?: 'FireSquid' | 'ArrowSquid' // dataset API release
// plus some extra Substrate-only fields for technical use


import { lookupArchive } from '@subsquid/archive-registry'
import { EvmBatchProcessor } from '@subsquid/evm-processor'

const processor = new EvmBatchProcessor()