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Version: Firesquid

Run with Docker

Squid template comes with a Dockerfile containing build targets for the processor and the API server. The default Dockerfile expects that the squid follows the standard folder structure and the naming conventions.

Build the processor:

docker build . --target processor -t squid-processor 

Build the API server:

docker build . --target query-node -t graphql-server

Assuming the database is already running at localhost, run the freshly built squid-processor and graphq-server images:

docker run --rm -e DB_HOST=host.docker.internal --env-file=.env squid-processor


docker run --rm -e DB_HOST=host.docker.internal --env-file=.env -p 4350:4350 graphql-server

Note, that host.docker.internal works only on Docker desktop and is suitable only for development, see here.