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Fuel Network Beta 5

In Fuel Squid SDK, Fuel testnet and beta 5 data require different package versions. To work with Fuel beta 5, you need to set the following versions in your package.json:

"dependencies": {
"@subsquid/fuel-objects": "0.0.3",
"@subsquid/fuel-stream": "0.0.3"

and run:

rm -rf package-lock.json node_modules
npm i

Data sources

To access beta 5 data, you need to set the gateway URL as follows:

const dataSource = new DataSourceBuilder()

You may also want to use a Beta 5 GraphQL endpoint for real-time data:

url: ''

Data requests

Data requests are the same as they are in the testnet version:

Field Selection

For Fuel DataSource the top-level Block interface is defined the same as in the testnet version.

Here are the differences in Beta 5 data structures, compared to Testnet:

  • In Transaction fields:

    • there are fewer transaction types: 'Script' | 'Create' | 'Mint'
    • mintGasPrice, isUpgrade, isUpload, bytecodeRoot, subsectionIndex, subsectionsNumber, proofSet, upgradePurpose fields are missing
    • gasPrice?: bigint and bytecodeLength?: bigint fields are added
    • inputContract.contractId subfield is called inputContract.contract
    • interface Policies lacks the tip field, but has an extra gasPrice?: bigint field
    • interfaces SuccessStatus and FailureStatus lack totalGas and totalFee fields
  • In Input fields:

    • InputCoin type has an added maturity: number field
    • InputContract type field contractId is called contract
  • In Output fields:

    • ContractCreated type's contract field instead of a string contains an object:
    contract: {
    id: Bytes
    bytecode: Bytes
    salt: Bytes
  • In BlockHeader fields:

    • eventInboxRoot, consensusParametersVersion, stateTransitionBytecodeVersion and messageOutboxRoot fields are missing
    • transactionsCount and messageReceiptCount have type bigint instead of number
    • messageReceiptRoot: string field is added