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Version: ArrowSquid


What is the Premium plan?

The access to Archives is free. Aquarium offers a free and a premium plans. The Premium plan is currently available by invite via the form. When released to the public, Premium will be based on the fixed subscription fee + pay-as-you-go model. Details will be announced in the official Subsquid channels.

Do you have a roadmap ?

Yes, see the issue in the official repo

How does Subsquid handle unfinalized blocks?

Archives index only finalized blocks. Handling unfinalized blocks and potential block reorganisations is supported by the Squid SDK since the ArrowSquid release, see Indexing unfinalized blocks.

What is the latency for the data served by the squid?

Since the ArrowSquid release, the Squid SDK has the option to ingest unfinalized blocks directly from an RPC endpoint, making the indexing real-time. Archive-only squids without an RPC datasource typically have a latency of a few minutes to a few hours.

How do I enable GraphQL subscriptions for local runs?

Add --subscription flag to the serve command defined in commands.json. See Subscriptions for details.

How do squids keep track of their sync progress?

Depends on the data sink used. Squid processors that use TypeormDatabase keep their state in a schema, not in a table. By default the schema is called squid_processor (name must be overridden in multiprocessor squids). You can view it with

select * from squid_processor.status;

and manually drop it with

drop schema squid_processor cascade;

to reset the processor status.

Squids that store their data in file-based datasets store their status in status.txt by default. This can be overridden by defining custom database hooks.