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Version: Firesquid

Typegen tools

By design, Archives store the on-chain data in the "raw" format close to how the data is actually stored internally in the blocks. For example, the event and the call the data is SCALE-decoded, and EVM and WASM logs are binary encoded. The data is expected to be decoded by the squid processor once fetched from the Archive.

To be more precise, BatchContext (CommonHandlerContext for SubstrateProcessor) provides a low-level Chain interface which exposes:

  • a lightweight and fast SCALE codec implementation
  • a resilient gRPC client
  • a metadata registry for on-chain data types.

The typegen CLI tools generate a boilerplate typescript classes on top of ctx._chain to

  • type-safe decode and track the runtime upgrades for the historical versions of the event, calls and storage items of interest squid-substrate-typegen
  • type-safe decode EVM logs and provide a type-safe interface for the contract state queries: squid-evm-typegen
  • type-safe decode WASM logs: squid-wasm-typegen