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Version: Firesquid

Ink! contracts support

This section describes additional options available for indexing Ink!-based WASM contracts, supported by chains with a Contracts pallet. At the moment of writing, Shibuya (a testnet), Shiden (Kusama parachain) and Astar (Polkadot parachain) are the most popular chains for deploying Ink! contracts. Follow the WASM squid tutorial for a step-by-step tutorial on building an WASM-processing squid. We recommend using squid-wasm-template as a reference project.

The page describes the additional options available for SubstrateBatchProcessor. The handler-based SubstrateProcessor exposes similar interfaces with the addXXXHandler methods. Please refer to the inline docs for details.

Handler options

Use addContractsContractEmitted(contract, options) to subscribe to the Ink! events of the WASM runtime emitted by a contract deployed at the specified address. The options argument and the data selectors are similar to that of addEvent.


const processor = new SubstrateBatchProcessor()
archive: lookupArchive("shibuya", { release: "FireSquid" })
.addContractsContractEmitted('0x5207202c27b646ceeb294ce516d4334edafbd771f869215cb070ba51dd7e2c72', {
data: {
event: {args: true}
} as const)

Ink! Typegen

Use squid-ink-typegen to generate the boilerplate for decoding the WASM data from the provided ABI metadata.


npx squid-ink-typegen --abi src/abi/erc20.json --output src/abi/erc20.ts

The generated sources expose the decoding methods and the types, using @subsquid/ink-abi under the hood:

const _abi = new Abi(metadata)

export function decodeEvent(hex: string): Event {
return _abi.decodeEvent(hex)

export function decodeMessage(hex: string): Message {
return _abi.decodeMessage(hex)

export function decodeConstructor(hex: string): Constructor {
return _abi.decodeConstructor(hex)

The usage in a handler is straightforward: TypeormDatabase(), async ctx => {
for (let block of ctx.blocks) {
for (let item of block.items) {
if ( == 'Contracts.ContractEmitted' && item.event.args.contract == CONTRACT_ADDRESS) {
let event = erc20.decodeEvent(
if (event.__kind === 'Transfer') {
// event is of type `Event_Transfer`