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Version: Firesquid

Store interface

Store is a generic interface exposed by EvmBatchProcessor batch handler for persisting the transformed data. The Squid SDK offers a Store implementation with a TypeORM EntityManager-like interface for Postgres-compatible databases. There are third-party implementations of Store exist for SQLite3 and other databases.

TypeormDatabase provides a, with the following methods:

save<E extends Entity>(e: E | E[]): Promise<void>

Upsert a single or multiple entities to the database. Does not cascade the upsert to relations.

insert<E extends Entity>(e: E | E[]): Promise<void>

Inserts a given entity or entities into the database. Does not check if the entity(s) exist in the database and will fail if a duplicate is inserted. Executes a primitive INSERT operation without cascading the relations.

remove<E extends Entity>(e: E | E[] | EntityClass<E>, id?: string | string[]): Promise<void>

Deletes a given entity or entities from the database. Accepts either an object or entity ID(s). Does not cascade the deletion.

TypeORM EntityManager methods:

For details see TypeORM EntityManager reference

  • get
  • count
  • countBy
  • find
  • findBy
  • findOne
  • findOneBy
  • findOneOrFail
  • findOneByOrFail


import { Store, TypeormDatabase } from '@subsquid/typeorm-store' TypeormDatabase(), async ctx => {
// ...
await[new FooEntity({ id: 1}), new FooEntity({ id: 2})])


FullTypeormDatabase store gives full access to the underlying database, including the possibility to arbitrary queries with .query().

The interface is identical to TypeORM EntityManager.

Custom Database

A custom implementation of the Database interface is a recommended solution for squids with multiple data sinks and/or for non-transactional or non-relational databases. In such a case, the inferred Store facade exposed to the handlers may provide multiple targets for persisting the data. Database.transact should handle potential edge-cases when writes to either of the data sinks fail.

Reference implementations will be provided in due course.