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Version: Firesquid


Aquarium automatically collects the squid logs emitted by the processor, API server and the database pods. For more details on how to use the built-in logger in the squid processor, logging namespaces and severity flags (via environment variables SQD_DEBUG, SQD_TRACE, SQD_INFO), see the Logging page. The environment variables can be passed to the squids during the deployment to the Aquarium, see Environment Variables for details.

To inspect and follow the squid logs from all the squid services, run

sqd squid logs <name>@<version> -f

There are additional flags to filter the logs:

  • -c allows filtering by the container (can be processor, db, db-migrate and query-node)
  • -l allows filtering by the severity


sqd squid logs squid-substrate-template@v1 -f -c processor -l info