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Version: ArrowSquid


What is the Premium plan?

The access to Archives is free. Aquarium offers a free and a premium plans. The Premium plan is currently available by invite via the form. When released to the public, Premium will be based on the fixed subscription fee + pay-as-you-go model. Details will be announced in the official Subsquid channels.

Do you have a roadmap ?

Yes, see the issue in the official repo

How does Subsquid handle unfinalized blocks?

Archives index only finalized blocks. Handling unfinalized blocks and potential block reorganisations will be supported by the Squid SDK in the future, enabling real-time use-cases.

What is the latency for the data served by the squid?

Typically, the data is indexed within a second after the block has been finalized by the chain. The finalization mechanism varies significantly for different chains. For uses-cases where sub-second latency is critical (arbitrage, gaming) Squid SDK will offer indexing of unfinalized blocks in a future release.

How do I enable GraphQL subscriptions for local runs?

Add --subscription flag to the serve command defined in commands.json. See Subscriptions for details.