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Storage calls and state queries

It is sometimes impossible to extract the required data with only event and call data without querying the runtime state. The context exposes a lightweight gRPC client to the chain node accessible via ctx._chain. It exposes low-level methods for accessing the storage. However, the recommended way to query the storage is with type-safe wrappers generated with Substrate typegen.

Type-safe storage access with typegen

Substrate typegen tool exposes storage access wrappers at src/types/storage.ts. The wrappers follow the general naming pattern used by Substrate typegen:


with all identifiers lowerCamelCased. Each wrapper exposes a generated get() query method and, if available, methods for multi-key queries, listing keys, key-value pairs and retrieving the default value.

Note that the generated getters always query historical blockchain state at the height derived from their block argument.

To generate the storage access wrappers with typegen:

  • In typegen.json, set specVersions as described on the typegen page.
  • List storage items at pallets.${PalletName}.storage arrays of typegen.json. Alternatively, generate wrappers for all storage items in the pallet by setting storage: true.
  • Run the typegen with
sqd typegen

Here's an example of typegen.json for generating a wrapper for Balances.Account on Kusama:

"outDir": "src/types",
"specVersions": "",
"pallets": {
"Balances": {
"storage": [

Inspect the generated wrapper at src/types/balances/storage.ts:

import {sts, Block, Bytes, Option, Result, StorageType} from '../support'
import * as v1050 from '../v1050'
import * as v9420 from '../v9420'

export const account = {
v1050: new StorageType('Balances.Account', 'Default', [v1050.AccountId], v1050.AccountData) as AccountV1050,
v9420: new StorageType('Balances.Account', 'Default', [v9420.AccountId32], v9420.AccountData) as AccountV9420,

export interface AccountV1050 {
getDefault(block: Block): v1050.AccountData
get(block: Block, key: v1050.AccountId): Promise<v1050.AccountData | undefined>
getMany(block: Block, keys: v1050.AccountId[]): Promise<v1050.AccountData | undefined[]>

export interface AccountV9420 {
getDefault(block: Block): v9420.AccountData
get(block: Block, key: v9420.AccountId32): Promise<v9420.AccountData | undefined>
getMany(block: Block, keys: v9420.AccountId32[]): Promise<v9420.AccountData | undefined[]>
getKeys(block: Block): Promise<v9420.AccountId32[]>
getKeys(block: Block, key: v9420.AccountId32): Promise<v9420.AccountId32[]>
getKeysPaged(pageSize: number, block: Block): AsyncIterable<v9420.AccountId32[]>
getKeysPaged(pageSize: number, block: Block, key: v9420.AccountId32): AsyncIterable<v9420.AccountId32[]>
getPairs(block: Block): Promise<[k: v9420.AccountId32, v: v9420.AccountData | undefined][]>
getPairs(block: Block, key: v9420.AccountId32): Promise<[k: v9420.AccountId32, v: v9420.AccountData | undefined][]>
getPairsPaged(pageSize: number, block: Block): AsyncIterable<[k: v9420.AccountId32, v: v9420.AccountData | undefined][]>
getPairsPaged(pageSize: number, block: Block, key: v9420.AccountId32): AsyncIterable<[k: v9420.AccountId32, v: v9420.AccountData | undefined][]>

The generated access interface provides methods for accessing:

  • the default storage value with getDefault(block)
  • a single storage value with get(block, key)
  • multiple values in a batch call with getMany(block, keys[])
  • all storage keys with getKeys(block)
  • all keys with a given prefix with getKeys(block, keyPrefix) (only if the storage keys are decodable)
  • paginated keys via getKeysPaged(pageSize, block) and getKeysPaged(pageSize, block, keyPrefix)
  • key-value pairs via getPairs(block) and getPairs(block, keyPrefix)
  • paginated key-value pairs via getPairsPaged(pageSize, block) and getPairsPaged(pageSize, block, keyPrefix)


import {storage} from './types' TypeormDatabase(), async ctx => {
let aliceAddress = ss58.decode('5GrwvaEF5zXb26Fz9rcQpDWS57CtERHpNehXCPcNoHGKutQY').bytes
for (const blockData of ctx.blocks) {
if ( {
let aliceBalance = (await storage.balances.account.v1050.get(blockData.header, aliceAddress))?.free`Alice free account balance at block ${blockData.header.height}: ${aliceBalance}`)