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Multichain squid

The squid indexes ERC20 Transfer events emitted by USDC contracts on Ethereum mainnet and BSC. Events data is written to a shared database table and served over a common GraphQL API.

The Ethereum processor is located in src/eth and similarly the Binance Chain processor can be found in src/bsc. The scripts file commands.json was updated with the commands process:eth and process:bsc to run the processors.



Clone the repo and navigate to the root folder.

sqd init my-new-squid --template && cd my-new-squid
# or
git clone && cd multichain-transfers-example

npm ci

# start the database
sqd up

# builds the project, starts a long-running ETL and blocks the terminal
sqd process:eth

# same for the BSC processor
sqd process:bsc

# starts the GraphQL API server at localhost:4350/graphql
sqd serve


The example contains a valid deployment manifest and can be used to check how Subsquid Cloud hosts multichain squids. Set the squid name to something unique at squid.yaml, authenticate your Squid CLI and run

sqd deploy .