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Version: Firesquid

Archive Registry

Subsquid publishes the list of currently active and maintained Archives in the Archive Registry repository.

The list of public archives is also exposed via the @subsquid/archive-registry package maintained by Subsquid.

Lookup Archive data source

@subsquid/archive-registry provides a function lookupArchive(KnownArchive, LookupOptions) to locate an archive data source endpoint. KnownArchive is a network name and LookupOptions provides additional filtering:

  • release: either FireSquid or 5. Note that the old 5 archives are now deprecated and will be sunset in due course.
  • genesis: (optional) hash of the genesis block. Adds extra safety to disabiguate between different networks with the same name (e.g. a solochain and a parachain).


import { lookupArchive } from "@subsquid/archive-registry";
import { SubstrateBatchProcessor } from "@subsquid/substrate-processor";

const processor = new SubstrateProcessor();

archive: lookupArchive("kusama", {
release: "FireSquid",
genesis: "0xb0a8d493285c2df73290dfb7e61f870f17b41801197a149ca93654499ea3dafe"

Migrating from 0.x to 1.x

Starting from @subsquid/archive-registry version 1.x, lookupArchive takes two arguments and the release attribute is mandatory. It also directly returns the data source url.

For v5 archives, replace



lookupArchive("kusama", { release: "5" })

Keep in mind that v5 archives are now deprecated and the support will be discontinued in the future.