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Version: Firesquid

Squid Archives

Squid Archive is a service that ingests raw on-chain data, stores it into persistent storage in a normalized way and exposes it via API for downstream data pipelines (such as Squid Processor) and ad-hoc exploration. Compared to data access using a conventional chain node RPC, an archive allows one to access data in a more granular fashion and from multiple blocks at once, thanks to its rich batching and filtering capabilities.

There are currently two major Archive releases incompatible with each other: v5 and FireSquid. The current docs cover FireSquid as the old v5 archives are now considered deprecated and will be sunset.

Public Archives

Subsquid maintains Archives for major parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem. Go to Aquarium to browse the list of available archives. The list of public archives is also published as an npm package @subsquid/archive-registry. See Archive Registry doc for more details. If you are a network developer and would like to see your chain supported by Subsquid, please fill a form.

Running a self-hosted archive

To run an Archive, follow the instructions in the Archive Setup Repo. For a full list of Archive set up options, see Advanced Setup.